About Ethiopia and our Tours


Ethiopia’s many highlights include one of the highest endemic bird counts on the African continent, a remarkable mammalian assemblage, an ancient Christian culture and remote tribes little influenced by the modern world. This combination of unique features makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating journey to one of the world’s most exceptional countries. We seek out the very best birding that this nation has to offer, including targeting every possible endemic and near-endemic bird. Visitors to Ethiopia can expect to see over 500 Ethiopian bird species, including the fabled Ruspoli’s Turaco, strange Stresemann’s Bush Crow, Rouget’s Rail, Spot-breasted Lapwing, remarkable Thick-billed Raven, the extremely localized Salvadori’s Seedeater, rare Red-billed Pytilia and even Ethiopian Wolf! Our Lalibela Historical Extension explores the astounding series of 12th century monolithic churches hewn out of solid rock. The Omo Valley Extension is a cultural and birding experience that will take us to one of the wildest and most ethnically diverse places on Earth – the South Omo Valley, home to more than fifty distinct tribes, each with their own language, clothing, hairstyles and body ornamentation. Our Ethiopia birding tour takes us through the very heart of this vast and varied cultural melting pot, and promises to make an exciting and memorable end to our Ethiopia birding experience!


For our new Ethiopia Highlights tour, we have hand-picked the prime birding destinations in central Ethiopia and chosen only premier lodges. This Ethiopia birding tour offers brilliant birding and wildlife viewing for those with less time to spare in the field and a penchant for more upmarket accommodations. This Ethiopia birding tour can be linked with both Lalibela Historical Extension II and also our Northern Extension – Simiens & Gondar tour. This latter extension explores the ancient city of Gondar, famed for its spectacular and unique medieval castles, and the awe-inspiring Simien Mountains National Park, which holds the only population of the magnificent Walia Ibex as well as a bounty of birds and huge troops of gentle Geladas, to name just some of the highlights.


ORYX’s Endemic Mammals & Ethnic Diversity photographic safari concentrates on some of the world’s most spectacular and photogenic animals, including the Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Gelada and Walia Ibex. We will also spend time photographing the “Camelot of Africa” – the famous castles of Gondar, as well as the incredible rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Our Vanishing Cultures of Omo Valley Extension allows us opportunity to photograph several tribal communities including the famous plate-lipped Mursi tribe and colorfully adorned Hamar tribe.